Diana bolanos

Church was always a very important part of her life. Ralph, her husband was a minister their entire married life. Throughout their marriage, she played a supportive role to his ministry in several churches, in Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas. She taught teenagers and adults in Sunday School. Through the years, in several churches, she was the director of “.’s” Girl’s Auxiliary, a group that taught girls the importance of scripture memorization and sharing the gospel locally and abroad by actions, deeds, and financial support. She also helped sponsor multiple youth mission trips to many areas of the United States.

Ellevation is proud to play a role in serving school districts as they help their English Language Learners achieve their highest aspirations. We are also delighted to showcase the gains schools are making with the help of our tools, including our Ellevation Strategies. As part of our Success Stories series, enjoy this piece about Little Rock...

  • Navigating CR Part 154 in New York
    There’s a buzz in New York right now, and it’s not about the latest Broadway hit or a Yankees winning streak. Educators all over the state are talking about amendments to CR Part 154 , the regulations that govern how English as a New Language (ENL) programs...
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Diana bolanos

diana bolanos


diana bolanosdiana bolanosdiana bolanosdiana bolanosdiana bolanos